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What: Circumstances have caused me to need to make the difficult decision to sell my grooming vehicle. We do not know yet what the future of Grooming by Darbie will look like. Thank you for your support and understanding while I figure out what my next steps are.

When: August 2022          


What: Rebrand in                                progress* continue reading below for the most updated descriptions of the services i can provide for you and your pups!


When: June 2023




Hi! I’m Darbie, lifelong animal and art lover, who found the best of both worlds in pet grooming! I started learning to groom dogs when I was 15. For 3 years I learned, I shadowed, I practiced, and by the time I was 19 I was a professional running my own shop in Atlanta. I have since gained 2 certifications and further strengthened my techniques in my over 9 years of professional experience.

In 2016 I started my family and slowed my busy work life to dedicate the needed time to my

growing family, and worked at a small scale from my home. Now, I’ve re-branded and re-expanded my business in a new and exciting form that better suits my values and love for what I do. I hope to continue expanding, but for now I bring you Grooming by Darbie’s traveling, solar powered, pet salon!

Meet Darbie

* elderly, high anxiety, and medically challenged pets. Multi-pet homes may also request weekday house calls. Contact us to discuss your options and pricing.

Want personalized care? reach out for personalized services!



About Us

What do we do? 

Our mission is to provide a convenient service while maintaining environmental consciousness, and minimizing our carbon footprint. 

We achieve that by working in our solar powered salon, and by only traveling to where we can find a full day of work. Our travel is day to day rather than individual to individual. We park at small businesses, neighborhoods, etc. on a regular 4-6 week rotation. At each one we offer anything from walk up nail trims to full service appointments. Browse everything we offer below by clicking "Services". We also offer a variety of items for both people and pets from at home grooming necessities to home decor that you can browse below under "Shop".

We love to support small businesses and strive for all our supplies and products to be USA made and locally sourced!

Contact Darbie if you would like to discuss adding your neighborhood, small business, rescue organization, etc. to our rotation or if you are interested in having us at an event!

Our Services
Our Services
Our Services
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